Stakeholder Engagement

The WWD’s Executive Director and senior staff members briefed a range of stakeholders on workers’ welfare initiatives, progress and legacy throughout the year, including Union of European Football Associations (UEFA), foreign embassies, US Pacific Council on International Policy, FIFA Ethics and Regulations Watch, FIFA Commercial Affiliates, Nordic Football Associations, International Organisation for Migration (IOM) and independent human rights experts. WWD also participated in two panel discussions, one at the IHRB Global Forum for Responsible Recruitment held in April to discuss the key learnings from SC’s work in the construction sector which is being customised to serve the hospitality sector, and at the CSHR: Sporting Chance Forum held in October, to highlight our efforts in protecting workers throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.  The SC was part of the Qatari delegation for the Fourth Annual US-Qatar Strategic Dialogue held in Washington DC in November to address the topic of human rights. Our progress in workers’ welfare was also recognised during the International Migrants Day event held by the IOM’s mission in Qatar in December.